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Here at the Lewis Loom Centre our principles are plain and simple, we aim, and succeed in the following - 

   Encouraging our residence to have independence

   Preserving our residents dignity

   Enabling our residents to make their own choices

   Celebrating our residents individuality


We do all of this, while 100% involving the individual’s families and friends as much as possible, and as much as is wanted. 


About us

Lewis Loom Centre first started its services in the 1980's, when it opened its doors as a comprehensive nursing home. It was opened by a lovely young couple called Mary and Drew Briggard, who were struggling to find a suitable location for Drew's father Lewis. His needs were specific and both Mary and Drew failed to find a place that made them feel comfortable and at ease with moving Lewis there. 

After a long search full of disappointments and stress, they decided to start their own nursing home. Set in a beautiful and relaxed seaside town, the Lewis Loom Centre began with only 4 residents and 10 members of staff, including a receptionist, chef, activities coordinator and some lovely and experienced care staff. 

The vision was simple, to offer seniors a person-centred and homelike setting to feel comfortable and at home in. The vision inspired many, and soon the demand for more rooms was so high that the Lewis Loom Centre turned into two, then five, and now over 300 centre’s all over Europe. Each centre is as homely and personal as the last, and with one important thing in common, the same vision of a person-centred and homelike setting. 

There is nothing clinical or ordered about these settings, they work to the schedule of each individual, meaning that although the chef will make breakfast lunch and dinner at set times, the residents have the freedom and choice to eat when and where they like. 

With over 2000 people living in Lewis Loom Centre’s all over Europe, we are confident when we say that we are the right choice for you.


We know as well as you do, how difficult and stressful it is to find your loved one a new home that will match the comfort of their family home. It can be very distressing to uproot from what is familiar, and that is why we are here to guide you through the process and ensure that you are left with the peace of mind you deserve. 

Our team will walk with you from the minute you enquire to the moment your loved one is settled in their new home. We will also be on hand to offer any support throughout their stay; along with the endless support yourself and them will receive within the home setting. 


What we offer

Our services comprise of the following:

   Nursing homes

   Retirement homes

   Residential support

   Supported living

   Dementia care



How we will support you

When you contact us, we will give you free and friendly advice on the range of services that we offer. We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs and expectations. From these, we can then recommend to you which services we think would suit your needs most perfectly. Our packages are not set, we know that everyone is different, so we tailor make each package for each individual. 

We will then give you a range of information to look at in your own time, and when you are ready we will schedule viewings of the settings and services that you are interested in. Once you have made a decision on the most suitable place for your loved one, we will make the necessary arrangements for moving them in, bringing their belongings, and getting any individual needs and wants met to make sure that their new home is as lovely as their own.




Every one of our services is checked and approved monthly by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure that on every level, and in every department from food, to care, to administration, the services are at the highest of standards. 

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